Kriegsdienstverweigerung in Israel während der zweiten Intifada
22.7.04 in Frankfurt, 29.7.04 in Mainz

Einladung Offener Brief Interview • Rude awakening (Englisch) • Rude awakening (Deutsche Übersetzung)


Deutsche Übersetzung

Rude awakening

For 25 years, I've been living in a dream. It was a beautiful dream, in which I'm a brave soldier, who protects the state of Israel from its enemies. Everything was very clear in the dream - those against me were the bad guys, and we were the good guys. I did my job without asking too many questions, and won respect from my superiors - I was even promoted to be an officer! No doubt, life was great in the dream.

I was sent then to serve in the so-called "Occupied Territories". The dream was a bit hazy over there, I'd say. I didn't need much courage to chase hard day laborers crossing the inexistent border so that they could bring food to their hungry family, but I did it - you had to do your orders in the dream, and do it as good as you can. "Good" didn't mean so much for this particular mission. In order to complete other missions I had to enter people's houses in the dead of night (they had completely different dreams than mine) and take out little kids from their mothers into some interrogation facilities. I preferred to know nothing of the dreams those children had. And so the dream went on. I left the army, but didn't really wake up.

One night I had a dream. It was about that kid that I took away in the middle of the night, who had wet his pants and cried all the way to prison.

In the morning I tried to imagine, where is this kid today? And the answer came clear to my mind - today, this kid is a young terrorist. He might have already blown himself up in some mall. Don't I bare some responsibility for that? All of a sudden, I woke up and realized I was dreaming.

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The strongest country in the Middle East is afraid of a bunch of stone-throwers. We are so afraid that we don't look in the mirror any more. Israel begins to resemble dark regimes in the history of mankind. It's a country that puts soldiers in situations that invite bloodshed, and protects with great devotion settlers who spit in its face. A country that sends soldiers to kill and die so later more killing and dying can be done.

I will not cooperate with those crimes. I will not give a hand to the destruction of the country where I live. Put an end to the occupation!

The greatest division between humans is between those who say "yes" and those who say "no". Blessed are those who say "NO", because they will bring the redemption. The kingdom of earth belongs to those who own the talent to use the "no" in the service of the "yes", or those who created a "no" and destroy it to build a "yes"

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Omry Yeshurun, israelischer Kriegsdienstverweigerer, Januar 2002